Sunday, September 9, 2012

Brittany Schutte Will Not Take the Field for Gator Softball in 2013

An article on broke the news on Friday that Florida Gators softball slugger Brittany Schutte will not return to the Gators’ team next season.

Schutte will be foregoing her senior season to take a coaching position at Oak Hall School, a PreK5 – 12th grade institution. It was unclear how her new position would affect her last year of collegiate studies, although the article & a release on the Oak Hall website both mentioned that Schutte will be “shifting interests in her academic career with hopes of becoming an educator.”

Hard-hitting and versatile defensively, Schutte was one of the main factors that helped Florida reach the WCWS finals in 2011. She was an all-tournament selection, and ended the season with a .326/22/69 stat line.

Her 2012 season was shortened by a jaw injury suffered in March. She had three homers and twenty-three RBIs in twenty-one games before her injury. Schutte returned to the field for the NCAA regional in Gainesville, where the Gators were eventually defeated on their home field by the Bulls of South Florida.

A commenter on the article made a good point. A gentleman named Max Bouknecht posted a comment on the article, saying “Given the mystery surrounding the dismissal of two starters at the start of the play-offs last season, this departure is even more mysterious.”

Although it was actually three starters that were mysteriously dismissed (see that article here), Mr. Bouknecht makes an excellent point. This is the fourth Gator starter that has left the team, for one reason or another, in the last three months.


  1. NOOOO!!!! She was like my favorite player ever!

  2. I loved watching Brittany play, esp. hit. She was a very talented batter with an emphasis on power. Maybe other Schutte fans will remember the HR she hit that smashed the side view mirror of a moving car on the street way out in HR territory. Britanny was a very good outfielder as well. She did pretty good covering ground, but mostly was sure-handed and a strong thrower. She also seemed like a good teammate. I am very curious why she decided not to play her senior year. Was the coaching/teaching position (as I understand it) she took that great of an opportunity? I assumed she graduated early or something like that and decided not to do a year of graduate school just to stay elligable for softball. It is strange that 4 Gator starters left the team (or were asked to leave) with very little explanation. I actually think Brittany's departure is the most odd. I can understand her desire to coach, but to forgoe her final season to do so doesn't ass up. Judging by the way she played and her interactons with her teammates and coaches, she certainly had a love for playing the game. The only thing I can think of that makes sense is her jaw injury had a part in all this. Who knows? I would have loved to watch her play this year while Hannah Rogers is pitching. Also, it would be a shame if Brittany gets lumped in with the 3 players who were asked to leave. Anyway, good luck to you Brittany. I hope to see you on the national coaching scene in years to come. It has been fun being one of your fans. Ryan, 39 year old sports fan from Northern CA.