Monday, November 26, 2012

Autograph Stories: Chris Kimball

I’ve been waiting to tell the story of this autograph for a while, and it finally is at the top of my post schedule. I believe this is the first relatively new autograph I’ve featured in this series.

How many of you have ever heard of Christopher Kimball? How about America’s Test Kitchen? Unless you are frequent PBS viewers, as I have to admit I have become, you probably have not heard of either of these. America’s Test Kitchen is a cooking show on PBS, and Kimball is the quirky-yet-knowledgeable host.

When I say “quirky”, I mean the guy reads viewer emails that correct his pronunciation of “CUL-i-NARY” to “CULE-i-NARY” and dresses up in tons of different costumes, my personal favorite being the Quaker Oats man.

The show has provided some good recipes and suggestions, and has become a regular fixture on my late-night viewing schedule. Kimball, although he now pronounces “culinary” incorrectly in my eyes, is a good host and provides excellent tidbits of information as each episode progresses.

I did a bit of researching on the Internet, and came across a home address for Mr. Kimball. My luck has been pretty good with private addresses, so I decided to risk two stamps and try it out. I printed three photos, and entrusted the USPS to take them safely to their intended destination.

A couple of weeks later, I was surprised to find a FedEx package delivered to me. I knew I hadn’t ordered anything, and honestly had no clue what it could be. I opened the package and pulled out this:

Yes, that is a copy of the 2011 edition of the almost 900-page-long America’s Test Kitchen cookbook. And on the third page…

Signed by Kimball himself! I can’t tell if the bowtie is in every copy of the cookbook, or was specifically stamped in this one, but it’s a cool touch either way. My photos and my unused SASE were tucked into the book. He signed two of the three pictures, leaving only the headshot without a signature.

I immediately sent Mr. Kimball a ‘thank you’ via Twitter, and you can follow him yourself @cpkimball

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