Saturday, November 17, 2012

Blogger to Blogger: DodgerBobble

(My scheduled posts for the last two days were accidentally saved as “drafts”, and didn’t post, but that situation has been remedied, so feel free to go back and read “Mercy, MercyMe” and this week’s Friday Funny”.)

I’ve recently begun a new interview series, one that will be enjoyed by a lot of my readers. Ever wondered how your favorite card or autograph blogger’s collection got started? That’s just one of the questions you’ll see answered in this series that I call “Blogger to Blogger”.

The first blogger to be featured here is Josh, better known around the blogosphere as DodgerBobble. A fantastic blogger and a good buddy of mine, I asked him about his Dodgers fandom; how his autograph collection got started; and, of course, bobbleheads!

Justin’s World (JW): Have the Dodgers always been “your team”?

DodgerBobble: Yeah, the Dodgers have always been my team. I guess my earliest memories were when I was about four or five years old, which was 1982 or 1983. I remember my parents taking me to Dodger Stadium and we would sit out in pavilion.

Justin’s World: How did you get started collecting baseball cards and autographs?

DodgerBobble: I started collecting cards in 1986 when I was eight years old. One day my father came home with a couple gifts, a 1986 Topps Jose Canseco rookie card and a 1986 Topps Dodgers team set. My dad kept telling how good this Canseco guy was gonna be.

Justin’s World: What is your favorite kind of event or venue to graph?

DodgerBobble: I've only been graphing seriously for four years, and I try to stick to baseball. Dodger Stadium has been my favorite place to graph.

Justin’s World: If you could, please relate your favorite in-person autograph experience from your ‘career’ as a grapher.

DodgerBobble: My favorite in person autographing experience was when I camped out to meet Matt Kemp. I got to hang out with my graphing buddies for hours and in the end it paid off cuz I got to meet my favorite baseball player, Matt Kemp.

Justin’s World: If you had to hand out awards to the 2012 Dodgers squad, who would be handed the MVP, Cy Young, and Rookie of the Year trophies?

DodgerBobble: The 2012 Dodgers were definitely a bunch of underachievers. My MVP would Luis Cruuuuz. He isn't a big name like Kemp or Ethier, but he played hard everyday and had many great moments throughout the season. He also became a fan favorite. Cy Young would be Clayton Kershaw. I don't think there's any other choice. He is the best pitcher in the National League.

Justin’s World: If you were given the opportunity to add a bobblehead of any current or former Dodger to the promotional schedule in 2013, who would you choose and why?

DodgerBobble: If I were to give anyone a bobblehead in 2013 it would be Mike Piazza. He was one of the only reasons to watch the Dodgers in the 90's and he is one of the greatest catchers of all time and also one of my favorite players of all time. Because of his relationship with the Dodgers, he'll probably never get one. He deserves one though.


  1. for dodgerBobble - great answer on the piazza bobblehead.

    i know u dig bobbleheads, but personally, i'm starting to get over saturated and wish Dodger Stadium would get a bit more creative with the giveaways.

    1. I agree. The Dodgers killed the hobby for me. I feel obligated to go simply because I've started this collection and I'm not gonna stop now. That's what the Dodgers do best though, ruin good things.

  2. This blog has some pull. Having the famous Dodgerbobble, answer some questions must have been tough to schedule. How many times did you have to call his publicist?

    1. My agent gets the call first, then the publicist comes in.