Friday, November 9, 2012

Graphin' w/ the High-Five Man: Kevin Faulk

After a long day of putting up Christmas decorations yesterday that (again) interrupted my post schedule, I shall now recount my most recent celebrity encounter, this time with former Super Bowl running back Kevin Faulk.

I actually had no idea this signing would take place until the night before. I happened to see a commercial advertising the grand opening of a Dick's Sporting Goods in our local mall. The construction had been going on for a while, so it was no news to me that the store was opening, but I was glad that I did not press the "mute" button when I heard the words "Come meet former LSU star and Super-Bowl-winning running back Kevin Faulk from 12:00-2:00". That caught my attention.

I am not a Faulk fan, but I do remember his contributions to the Patriots during his career. I scrambled to find something for him to sign... I don't have any of his cards; no Patriots memorabilia or gear; and absolutely no generic LSU items.

Luckily, after searching through my cards for 20+ minutes to find something for him to sign, I came across a Patriots pennant-card from 2012 Panini. It's not the ideal piece, but it was all I had.

We weren't sure what kind of crowds to expect, but when we arrived, there was absolutely no line at all. Faulk and another guy were sitting behind a table, both looking at their phones. I walked up, and took a photo from a stack sitting on the table. All of them were signed and inscribed with his jersey number at LSU (#3).

I asked if her was allowed to sign outside items (better two autographs than just one, right?) and, in reply, he simply nodded. I pulled out my Patriots card, and he signed it and added his jersey number that he wore with the Pats (#33).

Kevin Faulk, 2/1 - Signed Patriots trading card + photo provided by event.

Thanks to Dick's Sporting Goods and Mr. Faulk for the opportunity and signatures!!

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