Thursday, November 29, 2012

‘This or That’ with Alexa Maldonado

For three seasons, Alexa Maldonado was a part of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish’s softball starting lineup. Her at-bats went up from 116 in her freshman season to right around 175 in both her junior and senior seasons. A .413 batting average in 2011 was her career best, as were 7 home runs in 2012. After her career at Notre Dame ended, Alexa was invited to tryout for the Team USA women’s baseball team. She was named to the team, and was able to wear the USA uniform for a summer’s worth of competition.

Thanks to Facebook’s “chat” feature, I was able to do a ‘This or That’ interview with Alexa. If you don’t know what that means, basically I give two choices (i.e. ‘Vanilla or chocolate’) and she replies with her preference of the two. Alexa provided insight into some of her choices, and included some fun info about herself, including what movie character scared her as a child & how she prefers her hot dogs and hamburgers.

Justin’s World: Night owl or early bird?

Alexa Maldonado: Night owl

JW: World Series Game 7 or the Super Bowl

Alexa: World Series

JW: Comedy or horror?

Alexa: Horror

JW: Hitting or fielding?

Alexa: Ohh, that’s a tough one… hitting.

JW: Sky diving or bungee jumping?

Alexa: Sky diving

JW: The Voice, X-Factor, or American Idol?

Alexa: I used to watch American Idol, but now I’d say X-Factor.

JW: Drama or reality?

Alexa: I’d say drama. Reality is never reality on TV.

JW: Ketchup or mustard?

Alexa: Both!

JW: Hot dog or hamburger?

Alexa: Depends on what I’m in the mood for… [details below]

JW: Texting or calling?

Alexa: I definitely prefer a phone call. It’s easier to communicate! Texting is difficult to interpret sometimes.

JW: Popcorn or candy?

Alexa: At a movie? BOTH. Popcorn with extra butter and sour gummy worms.

JW: Roller coasters or water rides?


JW: Pop or country?

Alexa: I like both. Depends on my mood. Lately, country.

JW: Mexican or Italian food?

Alexa: Italian!

Alexa on…

Being a night owl – “My average bed time is 2 AM

Baseball – “[It] was my first love

Her love for horror films – “I’ve always loved scary movies from the time I was little, even though I used to be horrified of Chucky from Child’s Play

Hitting vs. fielding – “BOTH… There’s nothing like getting a key hit or hitting a home run in a game… there’s also nothing like making a diving play of throwing someone out at the plate!

Simon CowellI like how he's bluntly honest

How she likes her hot dogs and hamburgers – “I can sometimes go for a hot dog with ketchup, mustard, and sauerkraut… or a bacon cheeseburger with mushrooms and onions. :-D

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