Thursday, December 13, 2012

Assistance Needed

A friend of mine has a couple of early 1990s trading card sets. Both are in their original boxes and, as far as I know, are complete. One still has the original plastic wrap on it; the other does not.

Set #1 is 1991 Topps baseball, a set of 792 cards. Set #2 is 1990 Score, a set of 704 cards + 56 'Magic Motion' cards. I'm looking for an approximate value for each. My first thought was $10-$15, max. Was that correct?


  1. Looking at what they're selling for or even asked for the Score I've seen .99 cent auctions for complete sets not sell and I couldn't find a recent sale at all for the set, and you can get a 1991 Topps factory set for about 5 to 10 bucks depending on box condition maybe less. Book value is probably right around your estimate, but I'd doubt your friend would get anything close to that for both.

    1. Wrigley Wax does a nice round up of Topps set selling prices month to month for all his sets from 1969 to 2012 and has an average sell price for the 1991 Topps at just under 11 buck. These sets were just so overproduced. You can check out his listings here.

  2. If your friend is looking to sell on eBay, he won't get much if anything, because as cynicalbuddha mentioned, sets don't sell due to high shipping costs. I wonder if Wrigley Wax includes shipping cost in the total? I've never bothered to ask.

    Outside of eBay (i.e. selling on Craigslist) he could get about $5 for Score, and $5-10 for Topps. It's possible to hold out for more, but what's another $5?

  3. This past weekend, I came across a guy at the flea market selling sets & boxes for $5 a piece. One of the sets he had was the 1990 Score factory set. I almost grabbed it, because of the B&W Bo Jackson... and the Frank Thomas & Sammy Sosa rookies. But eventually I put it back and grabbed a couple of wax boxes instead.