Friday, February 8, 2013

Flashback Friday: Interview with Nikki Armagost

The ASA/USA Softball Top 50 Watch List was released last week, and friend of the blog Nikki Armagost was on it! I interviewed Nikki last summer, and in honor of her being named to this illustrious list, I thought I'd revisit the interview. Note that this interview was conducted in August of 2012. The original post is here.

We wish Nikki congratulations! Look her up on Twitter @nikki_armagost.

Q: How did you get your start playing softball?
A: I started when I was a young girl around 5 playing tee-ball, but I have been around it my entire life. My parents met playing coed slow pitch and they continued to play through the births of all their kids. I also have two older brothers who played baseball. I was around the sport everyday over the summers growing up.

Q: Besides Bill Simoni Field, what is your favorite stadium to play in?
A: Being from Kansas I have played in a lot of tournaments in Oklahoma, I have been fortunate enough to play on the Hall of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma City

Q: Who is your role model? How has that person influenced your play on the field and you on a personal level?A: My mom is my role model, she has taught me the game since I was a little girl just learning how to play. She pushed me to pitch multiple times a week when I was younger to get better. Off the field she is a strong independent women and she taught me to stand up for myself and pursue my dreams. 

Q: Who would play you in a film about your life?
A: Blake Lively, I think she is great. I love all her films and TV shows. Plus maybe I can meet her boyfriend Ryan Reynolds while she is working! 

Q: If you have the opportunity to sit down, eat dinner with, and talk to any three people from all of history, who would they be and why?
A:      George Washington - I love history and the Revolutionary War era is probably one of my favorite times in history to study, I would ask him questions about the war, what it was like to serve as the first president, and be a founding father to our country, etc.  
          Babe Ruth- I think he was an amazing baseball player and I believe that he is one of the many reasons why baseball is America's pastime. He helped the game grow into what it is today.
          Marilyn Monroe- She was a strong independent women who did not care what others thought of her. I read her quotes often and there are many that I like a lot. She was a wise and influential women. I would ask why she took her life away by overdose and ask her questions about what she taught her future was going to be. 
Q: Let’s say you were Aladdin, and the genie agreed to grant you three wishes. What would you ask for?
1. My parents and family members to be able to come to every game they wanted to. Especially this next year for my final season.
2. That my dog Nova will live forever. She is about 7 years old and the best dog I've ever had.
3. I would ask to a future in softball. Not many players get to continue on and play like baseball players. I would like for a professional softball league to become similar to the Majors. Like WNBA to the NBA!

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