Thursday, March 21, 2013

An Interview with Jessica Williams

It actually wasn't planned this way, but fresh off an article about Amanda Williams comes this interview with her identical twin sister, Jessica!

Let's play a game. It's called "Name that Williams".
JWill is an excellent player and coach in her own right, having spent several years in the NPF and now in her second season coaching at San Diego. The high point of Jessica's professional career came in 2010, when she was a member of the championship-winning Pride team. Quite the versatile player, Jessica can play numerous positions, an ability that has served her well throughout her career. She participated in the same 2012 Bandits tryouts as her sister, but was not offered a contract and was forced to watch the games from the stands.

As I mentioned, JWill is in her second season as an assistant coach at San Diego. She is the team's infield and hitting coach, and under her leadership, the 2012 Toreros set a school record for home runs. Both Jessica and her sister Amanda were recently voted to the Marshall softball all-time roster; it was a solely fan vote, and the final results showed the popularity the Williams sisters have, even still, on Marshall fans and the softball world.

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Q: After your playing career, was coaching always something you hoped to pursue?
Always!  Even as a young girl playing softball, I knew I always wanted to be a coachJ

Q: This will be just your second year as assistant coach at San Diego. Now that you’ve had time to “settle in” and get a season under your belt, how are you enjoying your role?
I am very much so enjoying life in San Diego at the University of San Diego.  I am our hitting and infield coach so I settled in from the get go.  It was a great situation as me and the rest of the coaching staff have always been on the same page.  We work very well with one another, so it was a smooth and easy transition.

Q: How can we keep up with your coaching career & the San Diego squad this season?
We have a very active USD Softball twitter and Facebook account and would love for everyone to keep up with our progress and success there!  We also have a great athletic page at

Q: Following six years in the league, what do you miss most about the NPF?
I miss the competition and the relationships with my teammates.  Although the season was only 3 months out of the year, you are able to build strong relationships with your teammates.  I love the game of softball and thought I would be someone that would play softball forever, so I miss playing the game I love more than anything! 

Q: If you were to play a sport other than softball, which would it be?
 I have recently picked up Golf and really enjoy that, but my entire life I played basketball, softball, and track.

Q: The all-time Marshall softball roster was recently announced, and both you and your sister are on it. How great of an honor was it for you to be nominated and make the team alongside your twin sister?
I was so blessed and honored to make the All-Time Roster at Marshall.  There have been so many talented players come through Marshall University!  To make the team alongside not only my twin sister, but everyone else was such a special feeling.  I was honored to see I made it and so happy for all of my former teammates that made it as well! 

Q: You’re best known as an offensive-threat & solid on the basepaths and with the glove, but how do you think you’d fare if you suited up in the pitching circle?
I have never pitched…haha so the thought of it makes me laugh, but I would have however enjoyed the challenge and mental toughness that comes with being a pitcher.

Q: Complete this sentence: If it weren’t for softball, right now I would be _____________.
 Unfortunately I can’t complete the sentenceJ  Softball has and always will be a huge part of my life and I can’t imagine life without it in some way, shape, or form.  It has brought me so much joy, happiness, friendships, and memories that I don’t know what I would be doing without it.

Q: What is the proudest moment of your career, both as a player and as a coach?
 As a player, it would be winning a Championship at each level I played.  In 2000 at Harrison High School my softball team won a State Championship.  In 2003 and 2005 at Marshall we won Regular Season Conference Championships, and in 2010 with the USSSA Florida Pride, we won the NPF Championship. 
As a coach, to be honest it’s when a player completely buys in and trust in the process.

Q: If a movie was going to be made about your life, who would you cast in the starring role? (And just for the fun of it, who would play your sister Amanda?)
I love Rachel McAdams, so she would play me, and Reece Witherspoon, whom I am a fan of as well, would play Amanda

Q: Say you were Aladdin and the genie agreed to grant you three wishes. What would you ask for?
For me to continue to live the life God has planned for me.
The other 2 have to do with family members J

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