Tuesday, March 19, 2013

In Her Own Words: Ashley Langoni

The LSU Tigers lost a huge and talented senior class after their magical run to the WCWS ended in 2012. One of their biggest losses was left fielder extraordinaire Ashley Langoni. A four-year starter for the Bayou Bengals, Langoni was a stalwart in the lineup for Yvette Girouard's final three years as coach, and was an important part of Beth Torina's first season as head coach.

One of my favorite moments of the NCAA Tournament last year was the last out of the LSU/Mizzou Super Regional. Fly ball, left field. It nestles into Langoni's glove and she spreads her arms out and just stands there, with a huge smile on her face, while the rest of her teammates go WILD. (Photo to the right).

I'm just going to post Ashley's answers all by their lonesome. She had some very well-written answers, and I decided they should stand alone. Thanks to Ms. Langoni for her time, and be sure to check her out on Facebook and Twitter!

I’ve been playing softball since I was 6 years old. I started playing baseball a little before that and played both all growing up until I got into middle school. Softball was pretty much always “my sport” however, basketball was a close 2nd.
Proudest moment of my career, comes as no surprise, would be making it to the Women’s College World Series my senior year. It was an adrenaline rush. No words could ever describe it. Ever girl dreams of being there when they’re little and to live that dream was the best experience of my life. Although, being able to play in the WCWS, the best moment getting there was catching the final out in our Super Regional against a very competitive Missouri team. Knowing we beat 2 great and respected teams to get there was very rewarding. I wouldn’t have wanted to share it with any other teammates than the ones who played right beside me.
I do believe the Tigers will make a return [to the WCWS] this year. Watching their progress and seeing how much they’ve improved from last year just pumps me up. I’ll be there all season to cheer them on.
Other than Fico, I believe one of the new comers, Bianca Bell, will be a stand out player and she’s going to show people what she’s got not just with her bat but with her glove as well. She’s an all-around player and she’s going to “wow” some people this season. It’s going to be fun to watch her compete. 
All growing up I’ve always been an infielder. I like getting dirty, playing physical, and sacrificing my body, so when they threw me out in the outfield it was like I was right at home. Mind you it was the first time I had ever played outfield and it was during Regionals my freshman year against the reigning WCWS Champs, ASU.  Although, I had to adjust to the read of the ball off the bat, but once I got a hang of it, it was game over. I wouldn’t switch back into the infield for anything. Outfield is and will always be my number 1.
If I could have dinner with any 3 people I would say first, Tim Tebow. Ever since the Denver Broncos drafted him he’s been a favorite of mine. Also, just the way he plays the game is so inspiring and motivational. Second, Mike Trout of the Angels, he’s my favorite MLB player and I feel like I can base my game play off him. He’s a physical guy and isn’t afraid to sacrifice his body to get an out. Plus he’s a left fielder. Third, I’d say George St. Pierre of the UFC, guy is a beast. I love watching his fights. His preparation is just so amazing to hear about. Instead of just getting in the ring with someone and over powering them with strength like most guys, he goes in with a game plan and beats them with his mental skills as well as his strength. DJ Pauly D was a close third, just to throw that in there.
If I was offered a guest starring role on a television show I’d have to pick the Big Bang Theory. I love that show, it’s by far my favorite. I make sure to watch the new episodes every week. The dry humor and clever remarks they make are hilarious. Sheldon is my favorite actor on the show too.
If I could switch places with anyone on earth it would have to be Coach Torina, Just to experience what it’s like to be on the other side of things. Especially for the road we were on last year. To come from FIU to first year Head Coach at LSU and make it to the WCWS….who would thought.
If I were Aladdin and the genie granted me 3 wishes , I would wish for to relive the last three weeks of season going from Regionals to Super-Regionals, and then the WCWS, to be able to teleport that way I didn’t have to drive or fly anywhere anymore and I could go back home to Colorado whenever I wanted, and lastly since I couldn’t have four people to go to dinner with, I’d wish I could do a mash up on the turn tables with DJ Pauly D. I’d be sure to have a blowout hair do just like him..ha.

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