Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Making the Case for Amanda Williams

There are still a number of months until the National Pro Fastpitch season begins, but already there have been quite a number of interesting developments for the league in 2013. High-profile retirements, free agent signings, “hiatuses”, teams folding and being created – there’s been no shortage of newsworthy announcements coming out of the league office since last fall. Now, the college entry draft is only a couple of weeks away and more supremely-talented players will be added to the NPF rosters.

Amanda Williams spent last season as a member of the Chicago Bandits outfield. She was added to the team after she impressed during an open tryout, and proceeded to record an all-star caliber season. She was inexplicably left off the All-NPF team at the end of the year, but that snub doesn't take away from the excellent statistics and performances she put out each and every game.

One of the hardest-working players you’ll find, in any sport, she’s been around the NPF for a number of years. She spent 2011 with the Tennessee Diamonds, and after that franchise folded, she was willing to attend the Bandits’ open tryouts, with no guarantee of a contract, and impressed team owner Bill Sokolis enough that he wanted her on his team for the 2012 season.

However, A-Will is now a free agent once again, and, to the surprise of many, has not been signed to any NPF squad. Of the four NPF franchises, three are looking for outfield depth. Not to take anything away from the talented NCAA senior class, but it sure seems to me that a veteran player who’s put up great numbers against the best of the best in the past would be the choice over a just-out-of-college rookie.

Perhaps most importantly, A-Will is a fan favorite, and for good reason. Although she was arguably one of the top players on the Bandits team last year, she’s always been very down-to-earth, interacting with fans both in-person and online. She’s joined in quite a few discussions on different softball pages, and is one of the friendliest and best representatives of a league that’s in dire need of just that.

An all-star, a great ambassador of the game, and just one of the best people you’ll ever meet, Amanda Williams, without a doubt, belongs in the National Pro Fastpitch league. She’s proven herself time and time again to be an excellent player. She’s willing to take a few months away from her duties as assistant coach at Marshall University to play in the NPF (something that not too many are willing to do). And the fans love her & she loves her fans.

In summation, I have but one thing to say to the owners of the NPF: #SignAWill!

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  1. I agree. I had the privilege of playing with Amanda for a couple years and she is an all around good person and GREAT athlete. She LOVES the sport to her core and would be a great asset. No doubt someone should/will pick her up. -Sierra