Tuesday, April 30, 2013

An Interview with Brittany McKinney

One of the best players to ever come out of Chapel Hill and the ACC, Brittany McKinney is now continuing her stellar career as a professional player. She will play for the New York/New Jersey Comets in 2013, after spending 2012 with the Carolina Diamonds franchise.

Brittany is one of the best active catchers, and without a doubt will be the starter at that position for the Comets. In 2011, she was named to the NPF All-Star team. Offensively, Brittany didn't have the best year last season, but with more at-bats, I have no doubt her production will increase dramatically.

Presently, Brittany is serving as an assistant coach for the University of North Carolina-Greensboro. Here's an interesting tidbit for ya: Brittany played her college ball at North Carolina, then coached at NC State for a season, played professionally for the Carolina Diamonds, and now is coaching at UNC-Greensboro.

Brittany is active on social networks, including both Facebook and Twitter. Once you've finished this interview, be sure you "friend" and follow her (@bmac_22).

Q: What is your favorite on-field memory from your college career?
A: My favorite on field moment in college would be being apart of Coach Papa’s 1000 win. She has given so much to our sport and the program at UNC. To be on the field with her when she achieved so a spectacular milestone is something that I will treasure forever.

Q: Some of the funniest practical jokes & pranks ever have been played by an athlete on a teammate. What is the funniest practical joke you've ever been a part of, whether as the joker or on the receiving end?
A: In college when we would travel and spend countless hours in hotels we had to find ways to entertain ourselves. On multiple occasions we would call a teammates hotel room, pretending to be the employee at the front desk (we always asked the front desk for permission and gave them a heads up) and told them they either had flowers, a package, box of chocolates, etc. that was delivered to them and was waiting at the front desk. We would then hide out and wait for them to walk to the front desk asking for their flowers, but unfortunately nothing was there for them. Some teammates would put up a fight looking for their ‘package.’ Needless to say when they could hear my teammate and I laughing from behind the corner, they were not the happiest of teammates, but they were ready to go back to the room and get another teammate!

Q: Before this season, you've spent your entire playing & coaching career in the Carolina general vicinity. What was like to move from college to the pros and still be playing in front of your home crowd?
A: Being able to stay around the Carolina’s and play in front of the community that supported me throughout my career was a blessing. I felt that it was the ultimate opportunity to give back to the softball community that had given me so much and hopefully inspire and provide young softball players in the Carolinas with some of the same opportunities I was given.

Q: Give me your thoughts on the cancellation of the 2012 NPF Championship Finals and the lack of a league champion for last season.
A: Obviously, it was very disappointing to see the Championship Finals canceled. We play all season in hopes of being the ultimate champion, but as a player we trust that the right decision was made. There has been tremendous effort by the front office to implement new plans to be sure this will not happen again.

Q: Jumping off the last question, what would you say is the current state of the league?
A: I think the league is on the rise. Of course there are setbacks, but the women that play in the NPF all realize they are playing for something much bigger than themselves. They are playing to ensure the future of the game that has given us so much and allow the game to continue to open doors for young softball players. As a whole we understand that this is a huge responsibility and we will do whatever it takes to ensure success, and every year I play I see the league moving forward. For the game to continue to grow young girls need someone to look up to and something to inspire them. It is the selflessness and love of the game by the players of this league that will continue to help the league grow every year.

Q: Will you be coming back to the NPF next season?
A: I have signed to play with the NY/NJ Comets! I am very excited to be a part of this team and help the game grow in the Northeast. I believe the owners and management have a great plan to ensure a successful organization.

Coach Brittany @ NC State
Q: Was coaching softball always a career aspiration and dream of yours?
A: I have been lucky enough to play for some wonderful and knowldegable coaches throughout my career and they have inspired me to follow a career in coaching.

Q: Why did you choose UNCG as the next stop on your way up the coaching ladder?
A: My assistant coach at UNC, Janelle Breneman, was hired as the head coach this year at UNCG and she called me with the opportunity to work alongside of her. I could not refuse an offer to learn from and work with such a good teacher and coach, and an even better person.

Q: Is becoming a head coach something you'd like to pursue some day?
A: I think on down the road I would like to be a head coach, but I have much more to learn before I am ready. I am at the right place now that continues to challenge me and my philosophies on a regular basis and I believe will ultimately put me in a position where I will be ready to take on a head coaches role, but I am not in a rush because I am loving learning right now.

Q: If a movie was going to be made about your life, who would you cast in the role of you?
A: I really have no idea! Someone did tell me yesterday that I remind them of Blake Lively. So I will go with her.

Q: If you could have any super power imaginable, what would you like it to be?
A: I would like to be able to speak, understand and comprehend every language in the world. I believe communication is the key to happiness and understanding. I would want to be able to communicate with everyone in the world without language being a barrier.

Q: If you were going to be stranded on a deserted island and could only take three items with you, what would you choose to carry with you?
A: Well if these items could be people, I would bring my teammates Bianca Mejia, Angeline Quiocho and my little sister Stephanie. But if I had to choice material items I would bring a kindle full of books, my guitar and my ipod. I love reading and music.

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  1. "Q: If you could have any super power imaginable, what would you like it to be?

    A: I would like to be able to speak, understand and comprehend every language in the world. "

    That's a damn good answer.