Thursday, May 16, 2013

Where to Watch - Regionals

ESPN's family of networks, including ESPN2, ESPNU,, WatchESPN, and the Longhorn Network, will air eight of the sixteen regional matchups this weekend. But for those of you whose team is participating in one of the other eight regionals, here's links and info on how you can tune in to each and every game this weekend:

First off, here's a list of all of the regional games covered by ESPN.The Norman, Ann Arbor, Lexington, Mobile, and Columbia regionals are all featured on All games in the Austin regional NOT featuring the Texas Longhorns will also be shown via that avenue.

The College Station regional, featuring Texas A&M, Baylor, Arizona, and Penn, will be shown on ESPN2. PLEASE NOTE: Announced this morning was a schedule change - instead of beginning at 3:30 pm ET on Friday, the Baylor/Arizona game will now start two hours later, at 5:30 pm ET, at the request of ESPN.

The Tempe regional, hosted by Arizona State and featuring San Jose State, San Diego State, and Georgia, will be shown on ESPNU.

The Austin regional games featuring the Longhorns will be shown on the Longhorn Network. As mentioned above, all games not featuring them will be shown on

Broadcast teams for ESPN's coverage include, as expected, Pam Ward/Michele Smith & Beth Mowins/Jessica Mendoza covering the "actually-on-TV" matchups,College Station and Tempe, respectively.  Jeanne Zelasko & Tracy Warren cover the games in Norman; Sam Gore and Garland Cooper are in Ann Arbor; Cara Capuano and Leah O'Brien-Amico handle things in Lexington; Melissa Lee and Charlotte Morgan head to Mobile; Carter Blackburn and Amanda Scarborough handle the duties in Austin; and Mark Neely and Amanda Freed settle down in Columbia. Studio analysts for the regional round are Cheri Kempf and Jenny Dalton Hill.

Now, for the games that won't be shown on ESPN. Unless noted, I have no information on possible play-by-play or color commentary for the broadcasts. If you find that any of these links do not work, or can add more information for other fans' benefit (such as what kind of play-by-player and/or commentary the team provides), please let me know so the information can be added. Thanks!
  • LSU will have free live streaming of all games on their website. You can find the link to watch any or all of them here.
  • The games from Eugene will be live streamed by the PAC-12. To the left on this page, there's a link under each game that says "Watch Live Online".
  • Nebraska will also offer live streaming of all seven possible games in their regional. You can find that link here.
  • Once again, the PAC-12 site is where Washington's live stream will be found. This link takes you directly to the stream itself.
  • Tennessee, as always, will have a free live stream of all games on their website. I believe Brian Rice will handle play-by-play duties. You can find that link here.
  • EDIT: Thanks to a guy on Twitter, here's the link to Bama's tournament central page, including a link to watch the live stream.
  • Looks like Louisville is hosting live streaming via CBSSports. This link will take you to tournament central, where there's links to watch each individual game when the time comes.
  • Via Gatorvision, the Florida Gators made sure their fans knew they wouldn't have to pay to watch the Gainesville regional games, marking each softball game with a FREE on their media page. Here's the link to that page; just look for the games categorized as "softball" and you're good to go!

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