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Get to Know... Comets OF Brittney Lindley

There are a number of first-year players in the NPF league this season. While a lot of them were acquired via the draft, a number of others were signed as undrafted free agents. This is the first of what I hope will be a continuous series, introducing you to the newcomers in the league.

Brittney Lindley played for Rutgers from 2009-2012, cementing her place as one of the best hitters to put on a Scarlett Knights uniform. She hold the RU career home runs record, with a career mark of thirty-four, and her name is interspersed throughout the Rutgers offensive record book.

Despite the travel schedules and her incredibly busy schedule, Brittney was kind enough to take some time to answer some questions to help fans learn about and "get to know" her. Y'all also be sure to follow her on Twitter @BrittneyLin13.

Q: Where were you born/raised?
A:  I was born and raised in Syracuse, New York.

Q: Outside of softball, what other kinds of hobbies do you have?
A: I enjoy fishing, swimming, kickboxing, reading, baking, listening to music, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Q: Complete this sentence: If I weren't playing softball, I would be ____________________.
A: If I weren’t playing softball, I would be working as an Environmental Engineer and helping out with a local softball program.

Q: Your position is listed as "Outfield/Infield" on the Comets website. That's some serious versatility! What is your favorite position to play?
A:  My favorite position to play would have to be third base. I enjoy the challenge of being quick on my feet and throwing speedy slappers out. Plus, almost every game at third is action packed.

Q: How long have you been playing softball? How did you get your start in the game?
A: I have been playing ball since I was 5. My parents signed me up for tee ball and ever since then I have loved playing the game. My earliest memories of softball came from going to my parent’s slowpitch games when I was younger.  

Q: Why did you choose to play ball and go to school @ Rutgers?
A: I chose to play ball and go to school at Rutgers for several reasons, the biggest being that my sister Nicole was playing ball there. Nicole and I are very close, so I jumped at the opportunity to be on the same field as her in college. I was also interested in Rutgers because of its wide variety of quality academic programs, convenient location near the beach/NYC, and the up and coming athletic programs.

Q: How did you find out and become interested in the NPF league?
A: I heard about the NPF league while I was in college. I found out more about it from talking with Rutgers’ assistant softball coach Ryan McMullen, who played in the NPF from 2004-2006. During my senior year, when I realized my playing career was nearing an end, I became very interested in the NPF because I wanted to continue to play softball competitively.

Q: You weren't drafted coming out of college, so did you pretty much think your playing career was over?
A: After coming out of college I did think my playing career was over. It really bothered me because I felt like I had learned and grown so much as a player my last couple years at Rutgers. I wanted the opportunity to continue to learn and play, in order to be the best player I could be.

Q: How did the Comets get in touch with you (or vice versa) to express interest in you playing for them this season?
A: I first heard about the Comets tryout in March, when I was on vacation with my mom in Florida. During our trip, we went to watch a couple Rutgers’ softball games because they were on spring break in Clearwater. During the games, a couple of RU fans mentioned the tryout and told me I should give it a shot. At the time, I had been in the process of applying and interviewing for full time positions in the Environmental Engineering field. I had convinced myself that my softball career was over; it was time to move on and do something else. But after watching Rutgers play, talking with my mom, and thinking about everything on the flight home, I knew I wanted to tryout. I wanted to tryout for several reasons; the first being that after having time off and watching softball from the sidelines, I would do anything to get on the field again and compete. The tryout guaranteed me one more day to have fun and play ball. Another reason was that it gave my dad and I an excuse to spend some more quality time at the ball fields, something that I will always cherish. After I got home from vacation, I emailed Coach Nelson to tell him I was interested in trying out for the Comets. A few days later I spoke with him on the phone, where he told me the details about the tryout and answered any questions I had.

Q: So far, what is the best part of being a professional athlete?
A: That’s a tough question! I would have to say that the best part of being a professional athlete is meeting people. I have met so many great people in the past few weeks and have learned a lot just from speaking with them. These people include my teammates, the Comets’ staff, event workers, and fans.   

Q: Is coaching softball at some level something you are interested in pursuing?
A: Yes, I would like to coach softball someday. Right now I’m not sure when or what level I want to coach, I just know I want to inspire softball players like my coaches have inspired me. I have learned valuable lessons and developed important life skills playing softball; lessons and skills I hope to pass on to younger players.

Q: What 'kept you busy' for the down year between your collegiate career ending and being signed to play for the Comets?
A: This past fall, I helped the Rutgers softball team while I was finishing my degree. It was strange to not be on the field with my teammates. However, I learned a lot from being on the sidelines, really seeing and listening to everything that was going on in practices and games. To keep in shape, I would get up early with the team and workout before practices. After the fall ended, I went back home to Syracuse, where I instructed softball lessons and volunteered with LeMonye softball.

Q: Let's say you're stranded on a deserted island and can only take three things with you. Boats and phones are off limits. What would you carry along?
A: I would bring a fishing pole with my tackle box, a guitar, and a journal that has a lot of paper. I don’t know how to play the guitar right now, but being stranded on a deserted island would make for the perfect opportunity to teach myself.

Q: If you could have any super power imaginable, what would you want to be able to do?
A: I would want to be able to fly. Flying would allow me to travel the world and get places easily everyday.

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