Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Maggie Hull Steps Into Justin's World, Part Deux

Yesterday, we brought you the first half of an interview with former Kansas Jayhawk and present member of the Chicago Bandits Maggie Hull. Hull enjoyed a storied and absolutely marvelous career at Kansas, and was drafted by the Bandits in the 2013 first-year player draft.

Maggie's collegiate career was just chock full of awards and accolades, and you can find that along with the entire write-up from yesterday by clicking here.

Enjoy the second and final part of this interview, and y'all be sure to follow Maggie on Twitter @MaggieHull and find her on Facebook!

Q: Describe your feelings when you found out the Bandits had drafted you to play in the NPF. I was watching the draft with my coaches, my twin Rosie, and my fiancĂ© Kevin. I had clues that I might get drafted but didn’t know for sure and definitely didn’t know where. When I was picked 11th by the Chicago Bandits, I was jumping, screaming and hugging everyone in the room. Over and over I kept saying “I can’t believe I am going to Chicago,” because that would have been my first preference anyways, and I was so excited and honored to be their 3rd overall pick in the draft!

Q: I know you had something of a “draft party” to tune in to the NPF draft to see if your name was called. It must have been special to be surrounded by your friends and family at that awesome moment.
If we had known for sure that I was getting drafted, we would have made a bigger deal about it! But in the end it was almost better that it was just a close group of us: my coaches, my Sports Information Director, Rosie, Kevin and me. Immediately after I went to my parent’s house to talk and celebrate, and when I got home, my roommates had a cake waiting that said “Congratulations” on it! It was such a great evening and a moment I will always remember.

Photo cred to D Kwit Photography
Q: When did you first hear of the NPF, and decide that you wanted to play in the league?
I first heard about the NPF when my Kansas teammate, Brittney Hile, was drafted in 2011. However I wasn’t certain that I wanted to play in the league until the week before I was drafted. Because it is so rare that softball players get the opportunity to play professionally, I wasn’t going to plan on playing unless the opportunity presented itself. Obviously I didn’t think I was going to get drafted because I planned a July 5th wedding! Once I knew that the Bandits drafted me and are giving me the time I need off for the wedding, going to play in the league was an easy decision.

Q: Is playing professional softball something you had always hoped and dreamed to be able to do?
Actually no it wasn’t. My dream was to play college softball for the University of Kansas. Playing professional softball wasn’t a hope or a dream because I didn’t even know that it would be an option. Now that I am here, I realize that it truly is an opportunity I never could have dreamed of!

Q: I know you’re also a very dedicated Christian. How does your relationship with Christ affect your on-field play?
It is no coincidence that as I have grown in my relationship with Christ, I have grown as a softball player as well. God helps me to see the bigger picture when I play, more than a single at-bat, an error, a win, or a loss. With that being said, I constantly go to Him to renew my mind after a mistake or a bad at-bat, and that helps me to make adjustments and refocus for the next one. He has also changed my heart on the field to take the focus off of myself. My desire is to work hard, serve my teammates as a leader and a friend, and want to win because of those I love around me.

Q: What gave you the idea to start your blog, Competing for His Glory?
As a college student studying journalism with a love for writing, I knew that it would be great experience for me to start a blog. At first, I thought about creating a women’s sports blog. Yet I felt a tug from the Lord to pursue the freedom of writing about my true passions: combining my faith with my experience as a competitive athlete. The more I prayed about a blog, the more God directed me to what is Competing for His Glory. Truly, God put the idea in my mind and has used it in ways beyond what I imagined.

Q: If you could have any superpower imaginable, what would it be?
My super power would definitely be the ability to transport to any location. This Chicago traffic is killing me!

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