Friday, September 27, 2013

Andi Williamson in Hospital

Former Marshall Thundering Herd ace and current Chicago Bandits pitcher Andi Williamson was placed in the hospital last night with breathing problems. Andi's mom Beth posted a photo of Andi in the hospital, with an oxygen mask on. I believe more tests will be run this morning. From Andi's mom, Beth, last night: "Doing some tests on her... air around her heart and lungs making it hard to breath adn painful so they will be doing some other tests in the morning to see what's going on!!"

As I wrote when I reposted this message/request on Facebook and Twitter, Andi is also a great person and Christian and comes from a great family, so I ask that you left them all up in your prayers as she and they are going through this! Check back on this post for updates as I receive them.

UPDATE 21:50 9/27: Per Andi's grandmother, Ms. Violet: She is doing better, had pain in her chest; Dr. said something like this can come on without anything happening. Please keep praying!

UPDATE: 11:00 9/28: A Facebook status update from Andi's mom says Andi will be released from the hospital today! 
Thank You everyone for your prayers,phone calls,messages,hospital visits,flowers,sweet comments an thoughts!! Andrea Williamson is being released today,her chest X-rays were improved from yesterday...She will follow up next week with her doctor! So Thankful for the power in prayer and a God that is still in chargehave a Blessed and Thankful day😊

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