Friday, October 18, 2013

Francesca Enea Answers Fan Questions

As soon as I found out I had the opportunity to conduct an interview with Francesca Enea, I thought it would be a good thing to allow fans the opportunity to submit questions to be asked of Francesca. There were quite a few that came in, and I passed most of them along and Francesca was kind enough to answer them, as well.

From Don: Has your batting style ever been compared to that of Jessica Mendoza’s?
Yes! Even Jess (Mendoza) has made the comparison. Which is a HUGE compliment. We both love swinging at rise balls too!

From Kelly: What are your plans for the future?
Plans for the future…I am more of a “live in the moment” type of girl, but I do know whatever it is it will be great!

From Chris: What do you think the NPF needs to do to grow and expand?
We need to get the country to jump on the pro softball bandwagon! If we had more teams that would help broadcast our talent.

From Dane: What’s the name of your walk-up song?
The walk up song that I had all throughout college and most of pro ball was Flashing Lights by Kanye West. This past year though I changed it up and went with Talk Show Host by Radiohead. I like slower songs, because it’s like the calm before the storm.

From Shay: What are your game day traditions and/or superstitions? 

Well…I like to do my hair and make up the same way. I like to go to early hitting and I need to eat a Luna Bar right after BP. 

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  1. funny how lefty swings compared more often than right-handed...francesca does look a little like jess at plate. frangator takes "bigger" cuts occasionally...i always felt her florida teammate - kelsey bruder - reminded me of that "clean, pure" mendoza swing...all 3 are a joy to watch & support :)