Thursday, October 10, 2013

Katie Guillory Steps Into Justin's World

Let me tell you, I enjoy each and every interview I have the privilege to conduct, but sometimes there's one that's just a ball of fun; this one fits that criteria!

Katie Guillory was a five-year player for the LSU Tigers, graduating in 2013. She was a role player through her career, and was a vocal and popular team leader. She was - well, still is - incredibly energetic and fun and just a lot of laughs. We had a great time doing the interview, and I hope y'all have just as much fun listening to it. Part 1 will be featured today, and stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow! Y'all be sure to follow Katie on Twitter @welllgoooood. (Yes, I copied and pasted that.)

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  1. study & reed economics since 1978. i understand & utilize stats in econometrics regularly. but they NEVER are adequate measures of an athlete's worth in softball or any team sport. spirit, teamie encouragement, positive energy are vital to success - on field and off. thank you for insights and a very worth-while blog :)