Friday, February 21, 2014

6 Degrees of Separation: Caitlin Dent to Peyton Manning

It's time again to feature one of my all-time favorite series' of posts - Using the popular "6 Degrees of Separation method, we connect softball players to actors, government officials, and other sports personalities!

Today, we're going to connect former North Carolina State softball star Caitlin Dent and future Hall-of-Fame NFL quarterback Peyton Manning.

Caitlin Dent's father is Bucky Dent.
Bucky Dent and Adewale Ojomo attended the same high school,
Hialeah High in Hialeah, Florida
Adewale Ojomo and Eli Manning played together on the 2012 New York Giants.

Eli and Peyton Manning are brothers.

And there you have it - Caitlin Dent to Peyton Manning in FOUR steps.
(Dent < Dent < Ojomo < Manning < Manning)

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  1. loved Caitlin when she played for N. C. State.