Thursday, February 6, 2014

Where Are They Now: Lini Koria

Who is she? Perelini "Lini" Charlene Koria, a former power-hitting infielder and designated hitter for the Arizona Wildcats.

What is she known for? Koria anchored the Wildcat lineup for four years, becoming one of the the top power hitters to play for Mike Candrea's Cats. She graduated in 2012 with sixty-one roundtrippers to her credit.

You might not know... that Lini's cousin is free-agent NFL linebacker Lofu Tatupu, who spent most of the entirety of his career with the Seattle Seahawks.

What's she up to now? As the 2014 season kicks off, Koria looks to begin her second season as the assistant coach at Division Three Cal-Lutheran.

Contact info: Lini doesn't have a Twitter page (at least not as far as I could find), but you can follow the CLU team's season here, @CLUSoftball

PLEASE NOTE: It has come to my attention that some information contained her is not current and inaccurate. Please see this post for the correct and most recently-correct information.


  1. lini "crushed a lot"...amazing line-drives all over the field...remember the pic she carried while hitting...hiya lini :)

  2. Well hello Justin! this is Lini Koria now known as Perelini Charlene Bush. Please email me so I can update you on the information you are sharing! Alot has changed ! Go Cats

    1. Hi there! I couldn't find an email address associated with your profile, but if you'll drop me a line at, I'd love to do an updated post. I make it my goal to provide the most current & correct information, as I am able. :)