Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Bad Equilibrium" - '3 Strikes' Episode 1 Premieres!

Last night, I enjoyed a lengthy, very enjoyable conversation (one that also happened to include an interview) with Sarah McLean. While her name may not be familiar to a lot of you at this point, it soon will be.

Sarah is the mind and driving force behind "3 Strikes", a new online web series that focuses on a softball player-(unwillingly)turned-coach and her new team. Sarah gives A League of Their Own; Bad News Bears; and 30 Rock credit for being the combined inspirations behind the series, although I got a little bit of a Sandlot feel from some of the characters at first-beholding.

The pilot episode premiered in the waning hours of last evening in the Central time zone, and I had my refresh button ready. I kid you not. I watched the entire episode within the first ten minutes of it being posted.

I thought the pilot episode was quite enjoyable... I felt it served as a good introduction for the main characters and established a storyline for the coming episodes. Undoubtedly, my favorite scene came at the very beginning, with the quote you see featured in the post title. [No spoilers or hints - you're just gonna have to pay attention to the dialogue when you watch!]

All things considered, I enjoyed Episode 1 of this series, and I look forward to more! I know y'all were just waiting for my rating, and I give "3 Strikes" a B+.

Check out the show's official website here, and if ya like it, you can follow them on Facebook; Twitter; and Youtube. Make sure you don't miss a single episode of the already-filmed, nine-episode first season!

Watch Episode 1 of "3 Strikes" right here:

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