Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Highlights from Lauren Chamberlain's Twitter Q&A

In the social media-obsessed society we live in, websites like Facebook and Twitter are ever-increasingly popular as ways for fans to connect with their sports heroes, whether they be active athletes or even stars from decades ago.

Oklahoma slugger & superstar Lauren Chamberlain fits into that "hero" category for countless young softball players around the country, and while her everyday demeanor is fun and light-hearted, she leaves no doubt that she doesn't take that title lightly.

Last week, @OU_Softball, the official Twitter account of the Sooner Softball team, held a Q&A session through their account with Chamberlain. With over 27,000 followers and with quite possibly the best college softball player ready to type away as many answers as possible, you can bet the questions came flying in. I even submitted a couple myself.

Here, I've decided to excerpt some of the highlights of that nearly half-hour-long "tweetfest" for your reading pleasure.

There were some fun ones...

Some advice...

Words of wisdom...

And some eatery preferences & faves.

I think she really meant "Subway CLUB on Italian Herb & Cheese, toasted, because that's obviously the perfect sandwich. 😉

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