Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Where Are They Now: Lini Koria (REVISED Edition)

A few weeks ago, as part of our almost-weekly "Where Are They Now" series, I featured former Arizona slugger Lini Koria. At that time, I wrote that Lini was presently serving as assistant coach at Cal-Lutheran, a D3 school. Since then, thanks to a comment on that post from Lini herself, it has come to my attention that some information in that post was incorrect. Instead of just recreating the post with the new (to me) & correct information, I elected to simply post the information as it came straight from Lini herself. I do apologize for conveying incorrect info, and hope that this will suffice as a correction to that problem:

Lini Koria Bush

Well, here it is... After coaching my first year at Cal Lutheran as assistant coach for Debby Day, I chose to move to San Diego to be closer to my husband... I currently work for Power Line Consulting as a private softball instructor/ administration/ help with the recruiting program! I enjoy coaching softball and hope to one day become a Division 1 Collegiate Coach !

Some info was edited for purposes of privacy. Also, in the original post, I claimed that Lini did not have a social networking profile; that has since changed, and she even has her own Facebook "fan page". You can see that page and "LIKE" it here.

I would like to extend thanks to Lini for taking the time to seek me out and give me the opportunity to correct my error!

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