Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bracket Challenge

Who's ready for a challenge?

Took me about as long as it feasibly could, but I've decided to once again host a Bracket Challenge throughout the NCAA Division 1 softball postseason tournament.

Here's how it will work: Here's a link to the full bracket. You can print one off, fill in your picks, then scan and email the finished bracket to me; save it to your computer, use Paint or some program to fill in your picks, and email it to me; OR just post your picks as a simple comment here or on Facebook.

To review, three ways you can enter a bracket:
1. Email me a completed bracket filled in by hand
2. Email me a completed bracket filled in digitally
3. Post your picks as a comment

Since we're picking the entire bracket before the tournament even begins, as opposed to round-by-round, we're going to go with a point system instead of spending time after the tournament trying to figure out who came the closest to being right overall.

The point system will work like this: For every regional winner you correctly predict, you'll get two points. For every super regional winner you correctly predict, you'll get five points. And if you correctly pick the WCWS winner and first runner-up, you'll get 10 points for each. The maximum number of points that you can end up with by the end of the contest is 92.

A correct entry submitted in the form of option #3 would look like this:
"Regionals: Oregon; Minnesota; Arizona State; Florida State; Florida; Washington; Baylor; Georgia; UCLA; Kentucky; Arizona; Louisiana-Lafayette; Oklahoma; Tennessee; Missouri; Alabama

Supers: Oregon; Florida State; Florida; Georgia; UCLA; Louisiana-Lafayette; Oklahoma; Alabama

WCWS Winner: Oregon
WCWS Runner-Up: UCLA"

The first regional game kicks off at 19:30 Eastern time tomorrow (Thursday) night. That's the cutoff; I'll accept any entry that is submitted before the first pitch is thrown.

Please note that in ALL cases, the most recent bracket submitted in a certain person's name will be the one that is accepted, entered, and scored accordingly.

And what would a contest be without a PRIZE? Given the time of year, this prize seemed especially appropriate. This contest's winner will receive this:

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A copy of "Who We Are Is Why We Win" by former Washington stud Bailey Stenson! The book is an excellent read and the winner's prize copy will come personally signed by Bailey herself!

Pretty cool prize, right? I thought you'd think so. So get to submitting those brackets and good luck to all!

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  1. regionals = oregon; minnesota; arizona state; florida state; florida; washington; baylor; georgia; UCLA; kentucky; arizona, texas; texas a&m; tennessee; missouri; alabama.....supers = oregon; arizona state; florida; baylor; UCLA; texas; tennessee; alabama......WCWS winner = UCLA!!!! WCWS runner-up = arizona state....HA!