Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bottom of the 1st

Oklahoma jumps on the Cajuns in the first at-bat reaching two base runners on an error and walk then scoring on a double over he centerfielders head by Williams. Cajuns coming to bat trailing early 2-0.

Oklahoma 1st:
Miller, Erin popped up to 1b (3-2 BBBKF).
Casey, G. reached on a fielder's choice (0-2 FK); Williams, B. out at second 3b to 2b.
Williams, B. doubled to center field, 2 RBI (2-2 BKKB); Pendley, S. scored; Chamberlain scored, unearned.
Pendley, S. walked (3-2 BKBKBFB); Chamberlain advanced to second.
Chamberlain reached on a fielding error by ss (3-2 BBKBFF).
Martinez, D. flied out to lf down the lf line (1-2 BKF).

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