Monday, May 19, 2014

Bracket Challenge Updated Standings

After the Regional round, here are the updated standings for the 2014 Justin's World Bracket Challenge. With a couple of upsets and a few close-call matchups that went the way of the seeded team, nobody retains a perfect bracket, but our leader only missed two picks from the first round and has twenty-eight points. The fellow currently in last place has eighteen points, and a ten-point difference won't take very long at all to overcome so it is still anybody's game! Here are the full standings following Regionals:

Farrah Spalding: 28
Brent Bainter: 26
Emily Renner: 26
Lori Thompson: 26
Shay Underwood: 26
Bo Bodiford: 24
Texsbill Gran: 24
Don Martukovich: 24
Kevin Mooney: 24
Melinda Bell: 20
Kolbey Nelson: 18

1 comment:

  1. :( should have listened to Farrah lol wonder how she got those 2 extra points?? WAR EAGLE