Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bottom of the 2nd

Florida breaks the tie with an RBI single by Stewart scoring Munro and a  three run homer by Merritt scoring Stewart and Schwarz. 5-1 Gators

Florida 2nd:
Castro flied out to cf (1-2 KSB).
Haeger singled to right field (0-1 K).
Tofft grounded out to ss (0-2 FK).
Littlejohn to p for Hays.
Runyon to 2b.
Traina to dp.
Hunt to ss.
Merritt homered to left field, 3 RBI (0-1 K); Stewart scored; Schwarz scored.
Stewart singled through the right side, RBI (0-1 K); Schwarz advanced to second; Munro scored.
Schwarz singled to right center (1-0 B); Munro advanced to third.
Munro singled to right field (1-0 B).
Fuller fouled out to 3b (2-1 BBK).

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