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Morgan Foley Steps Into Justin's World

Y'all may recall a story that we mentioned in a Weekend Roundup post right at the end of the regular season. A new all-divisions NCAA record was set when UIndy (D2) pitcher Morgan Foley collected thirty (yes, 3-0) strikeouts in a single game.

Photo Cred: UIndy Sports Info

Shortly after her magnificent performance, I had the opportunity to ask Morgan some questions about her performance and about softball and life in general. I was even more impressed with her mindset and attitude after the interview.

Since our interview, Morgan was named Division 2 Pitcher of the Year and earned an NFCA first-team All-American nod for her spectacular season. Her trophy case is already full, and she's only a sophomore, ladies and gentlemen.

I highly recommend following Morgan on Twitter @m_foley20; you can also keep up with her team's achievements @UIndySoftball.

Justin’s World: For those who don't know a lot about you outside of your amazing performance, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Where you're from, how you came to UIndy, etc.

Morgan Foley: I’m from Louisville, KY. I grew up playing almost every sport, always loving basketball and softball the most. In high school, people started to tell me that I needed to pick between softball or basketball to focus on if I wanted to play either in college, but I never could decide and never wanted to pick one. I would say whichever sport was in season was my favorite. But after I figured out how to control my pitches instead of just throwing hard, it made me completely fall in love with playing softball. I wanted more than ever to play college softball. I finished out my senior basketball season and started working hard to contact coaches and try to find a place to play after high school. In April of my senior year, I met Coach Frost, UIndy’s head softball coach, about a month before my graduation date. She showed a lot of interest in recruiting me and long story short; I went on my first visit there a week before my high school’s last signing day, loved the campus and their program for my Communication major, committed a week later, and haven’t looked back since.  

Justin’s World: I want to get to *the* game, because I have a lot of questions about it! First off, coming into the game, did you have any idea what was about to happen or that you were about to become a softball celebrity?

Morgan Foley: Well, the day started like any other game day; I woke up, ate, got ready for the game, and got on the bus and started dancing with my team like we always do on game days. But one thing was different; the day of that game I felt more focused than I have ever felt before a game. I had a disappointment the night before that I felt fueled me to come out the next day and want to prove people wrong. I had no idea what was about to happen in the game. I just knew that we weren’t getting beat and I was going to do everything I could to shut the other team down. 

Justin’s World: I read that it was a 13-inning game and that you pitched every inning... How do you keep your arm from giving in to the fatigue you must have been feeling in the midst of such an extended affair?

Morgan Foley: I honestly didn’t even feel tired until after we won. I think I just knew I had to keep pushing so I didn’t think about how much I had pitched or about being tired. It wasn’t until after the game that I even gave my body the okay to be tired.

Justin’s World: As the game went on, were you conscious of the fact that your "K" totals were rising so high?

Morgan Foley: I wasn’t. When I’m pitching, I try not to keep track of anything or think about anything. I try to stay focused and not jinx anything. After the seventh inning, I had an idea of how many I had but there was a lot of game after that where I had no idea how many it was all adding up to.

Justin’s World:  At any time, did you become aware that you were on your way to or IN the history books?

Morgan Foley: I wasn’t aware of any of the records I set until after the game. All through the game, I just saw my parents giving me thumbs up after every inning. As soon as I came out of the dugout and Coach was done talking to us, Coach’s mom came running over to me and was all excited to hug me and tell me about the records because she keeps our book. Then my parents were right next to her to congratulate me.

Justin’s World: How do you keep yourself mentally prepared for the next game, coming off such an impressive and talked-about performance?

Morgan Foley: I have always been told to take games one at a time. Once one game is over, I try to forget about it by the next game. Same with my pitches. I take pitching one pitch at a time and forget about a good/bad pitch before I throw the next one so they don’t carry over into each other. That night I could think about it, talk about it, or whatever I wanted to do but by the next morning it had to be 0-0 game day.

Justin’s World: If you had the opportunity to relive and/or redo a single moment from your life or a play from your career, what memory would you like to go back to?

Morgan Foley: I honestly don’t think I would go back and redo any moment or play from my life or career because I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason. Anything that has happened in my life or career has happened to teach me a lesson, help me learn, and make me into the player and person I am today. If I had the chance to relive any moment, I would go back to my memory of pitching the last strikeout to win region my freshman year, then turning and seeing my senior third baseman at the time run over and hug and jump on me. I would always love to relive any of the fun memories I have made with all of my different teams.

[now it's time to have a little fun...]

Justin’s World: If given the opportunity to switch places with anyone on earth for a single twenty-four hour period, who would it be and why?

Morgan Foley: I would love to switch places with Kristen Wiig because she is hilarious and I would love to be that funny and entertaining. Also because I think it would be awesome to be on SNL and in all of the movies she has been in. My childhood dream was always to be an actress.    

Justin’s World: Let's say you were stranded on a deserted island, but were given the option to take three things with you. What would you take?

Morgan Foley: I would take a bag of Nerds jellybeans, a puppy, and a radio.

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