Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Where Are They Now: Kailey Kassner

Who is she? Kailey Kassner Jenkins, a former slugging catcher and designated player who played four years for the University of Memphis softball team.

What is she known for?  Jenkins holds a spot in the top ten of both home runs and RBIs in the Tigers record books; she spent her career mostly as the starting designated player, while also logging time behind the plate.

You might not know... when I asked Kailey an interesting fact about herself, she provided something that I not only didn’t expect, but found pretty funny. She said, “the only interesting fact that I can think of is that my shoe size is 13 in girls. My husband steals my shoes all the time because most of my  gym shoes are men’s shoes”.

What's she up to now?  Kailey presently works as a paralegal for a family attorney in Memphis. Though originally from Illinois, she’s stuck around the Bluff City since her graduation. She gives softball lessons to girls around Memphis and coaches a 12u team in Bartlett, Tennessee (just outside of Memphis).

Contact information: You can find Kailey on Facebook here. Her Twitter @KaileyKassner hasn’t been updated in almost a year and a half.

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