Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kristi Boreing Steps Into Justin's World

Where do softball and traditional Gospel music meet? In the home of today’s featured player; meet Kristi Boreing.

The daughter of a gospel tenor singer and niece of a multi-tasking singer and blogger, Kristi has music in her blood, but as musically talented as her family is, Kristi is equally talented on the softball field.

A four-year starter for the Wright State Raiders, Kristi led her squad offensively in 2012. Posting a batting average of .335, she led her next-closest teammate by more than twenty points. A consistent performer in the time since then, Kristi graduated last May.

I had an absolute blast interviewing Kristi, and her answers to my questions were really great!! In the interview, Kristi and I talked about a host of different things. Including:
  • Her earliest memories from playing softball
  • Choosing Wright State
  • Her future plans
  • Growing up around music and whether she has musical gifts of her own

After you check out the interview below, you can find Kristi on Facebook, Instagram, and  Twitter @ Boreing_oleKB

How did you get started playing softball? Was softball always your sport of choice?
For as long as I can remember, my parents put me in all kinds of different sports. I played softball, basketball, and soccer at an early age but I think it was obvious that I excelled the most in softball. Some church friends of ours were involved in travel softball and they said I should play, so at 8 years-old I started playing softball at a very competitive level. I loved playing other sports as well and still do!

Now that your playing career is over, what will you miss the most?
I'll definitely miss the environment of goofing around with my teammates.  We have made some of the most unforgettable memories together and I couldn't be more thankful for the time we have shared. I have also had many awesome opportunities to travel all over the world to play the sport that I love while experiencing things that some people only dream of. Yea… I'm going to miss that.

Why did you choose to attend & play ball at Wright State?
Mainly because of softball but, looking back on my experience, there is a lot more to Wright State. The athletic department is awesome and it's obvious that their athletes’ success and overall experience are their number one concern. Bob Grant, the athletic director, really makes you feel welcomed by knowing you by name and he invites all of the Wright State teams to his family's house for an awesome dinner once a year. It's a lot of fun!

Who is your role model or hero, and how did that person's influence affect you on the field?
I'd say my family are my heroes. I loved seeing them at my games and their support made me want to leave everything I had on the field.

In your own words, describe the feeling when the last out was recorded in your last game and you knew your career was done.
For me, it was a numbing feeling. I couldn't really process in my head that it was over. It was surreal. Honestly, I still don't think that it has really hit me yet. I guess I'm kind of in denial about it all!

How do you plan to stay involved with the game of softball now that your collegiate playing days are done? Is coaching at some level an area you might pursue?
Coaching and giving lessons are two areas I definitely want to pursue. I don't know if the softball world will ever be able to get rid of me!

What is your favorite memory or moment from your career?
That's hard to answer because we've shared a lot of awesome moments together, but the one most fresh on my mind is when we found out we would be hosting the Horizon League Tournament. Ever since we started the regular season I would tell the team practically every day that we would be hosting the tournament and after we swept Cleveland State we got the news and we all freaked out. It was an awesome experience and I had never seen our team come together like that before. 

Coming from a musically-gifted family, did you grow up around music?
Oh yes! I remember my dad teaching my three older brothers and I how to sing the different parts on many occasions. It's common in Southern Gospel music for the group/quartet to hold out the last note for a long time where all the parts come together; we used to rewind that part over and over in the car to get all the parts right! Aside from that, my dad, his twin, and their other two brothers have sung together before at church on holidays and they can also play many instruments too collectively such as; drums, guitar, bass guitar, piano, and maybe a couple others. 

And coming from such a family, I have to ask... have you done much singing yourself? Favorite song/artist/musician?
I have done karaoke a couple times and I think the people listening would say I'm somewhere between the worst they've ever heard and the best... [laughs]. My oldest brother can sing though! I don't really have a specific favorite song or artist because I listen to all kinds of different music but I'm a huge fan of 80's music.

What are your plans for your future?
What are plans?

Let's say you could spend a single day in another person's shoes - living their daily life. Who would that person be and why would you want to trade places with him or her?
I would want to trade places with [skateboarder and television personality] Rob Dyrdek. He has so much fun, but at the same time he is always looking for ways to help people out. That's exactly the kind of life I would want to live.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, but were allowed to take three things with you, what would you take? No boats, no phones.
My three brothers. We all excel in different areas so together I think we'd learn how to survive and we'd have a blast too!

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