Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Where Are They Now: Hailey Barraco

Who is she? Hailey Elizabeth Barraco, a former St. Petersburg College standout and ex-reserve outfielder for the Central Florida Knights.

What is she known for? Barraco’s name may not be one that many softball fans will recognize, but the Fort Myers native was a high school star, a junior college stud, and a Division 1 reserve extraordinaire.
Hailey and her family on UCF senior day in 2013

Here’s a fun fact… In addition to her very intriguing career of choice, which you’ll read more about below, Hailey enjoys cooking and, like many even casual chefs, she draws inspiration and new ideas from the Food Network TV channel.

What’s she doing now? Hailey is presently working towards her Master’s degree, with a goal of going into detective work after her graduation in May. She says she has wanted to go into law enforcement since she started watching TV crime dramas and has gone on “ride-alongs” with local officers. Hailey says “many influential people in my life have chosen this career field, as well”.

Contact information: You can find Hailey on Facebook & Instagram @haileybarraco

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