Monday, September 1, 2014

Where Are They Now: Kristina Thorson

Kristina Thorson just a *bit* before she became an
internationally-renowned star.
(Pic used by permission of John Thorson.)
Who is she? Kristina "Thor" Thorson, a legendary pitcher formerly of the Cal Bears in college and Chicago Bandits and Akron Racers in the National Pro Fastpitch league.

What is she known for? In short, for being one of the most legendary and memorable pitchers in recent history and memory. During the dominant years of Bears softball, Thorson led the pitching staff and even still holds many program pitching records and ranks highly in the categories where she is not numero uno. After college, she spent more than 2/3 of a decade in the National Pro Fastpitch league and played in professional leagues in both Italy and Austria on the European continent.

You might not know... that Kristina is, in her own words, "a total geek". She clarifies that that's applicable mainly with the sciences and sci-fi. In an interview on in 2012, Thor was asked about the school's influence on her career path, and her answer to that question even further shows that "geek" is a very, very good thing in this case. She said, "I was actually one of the rare kids who goes into college knowing what they wanted to study. Going into Cal, I wanted to study public health, specifically epidemiology. However, my education at Cal slightly shifted my focus from epidemiology to infectious diseases, and also opened the door of exercise physiology and exercise science to me. I am looking to get a masters in either of those fields now, if I can't eventually do both." "Winter is coming!" she adds.

What's she up to now? Softball-wise, Thor continues to give back to the game following her premature retirement from playing thanks to lingering injuries. Besides giving pitching lessons in California, she is also coaching a 12U travel team that is local to her, the NorCal Shockers.

Contact information: Though her personal website is no longer online, "Thor" still maintains a regular presence on social media; you can find her on Facebook here or on Twitter @kthorson1.

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