Friday, October 24, 2014

6 Degrees of Separation: Gary Busey-Kelsi Dunne

Today, we feature the next installment in our popular “Six Degrees of Separation” series by connecting actor Gary Busey to former Alabama All-American pitcher Kelsi Dunne.

Gary Busey starred in “Rookie of the Year”, a movie that featured a cameo appearance by Barry Bonds.

Barry Bonds & Matt Cain were teammates on the San Francisco Giants from 2005-2007.

Matt Cain’s present-day battery mate on the Giants is Buster Posey.

Buster Posey’s sister is Samantha Posey.

Samantha Posey played for Valdosta State who were conference foes against Les Stuedeman’s Alabama-Huntsville (UAH) squad.

Les Stuedeman is sister to Mississippi State head coach Vann Stuedeman.

Vann Stuedeman, while at Alabama, was pitching coach to Kelsi Dunne.

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