Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Contest, Day 1

Christmas is the season for giving, right? Well, we have some GREAT stuff to give away this year, but you're going to have to earn it! Here's how the Justin's World Christmas Contest 2k14 is going to work:

Every day between now and Christmas Eve (that's eight days), we're going to post three clues about a mystery player. Your job is to identify the player. Guess right, you get points. The person with the most points on Christmas day is the winner. The winner will be announced the day after Christmas.

The point system will work as follows: The first person to answer correctly on ANY platform will receive 5 points. Any subsequent correct answers will receive 1 point. The person with the most points on Christmas Day will be declared the winner; one random person among all other participants will also receive a consolation prize.

There are a couple of other ways to get more points for yourself and better your chances of winning:
Follow @justfactsmaam on Twitter = 1 point
"Like" Justin's World on Facebook = 1 point
Refer a friend to "Like" Justin's World* = 3 points

* In order to make sure all point are awarded correctly, the referred person should post or comment on the Justin's World Facebook page w/ the name of the person who referred them. If this is not done, as we have no other way to check it, no points will be rewarded. *

Of course, no contest would be complete without prizes! The winner will receive a prize pack that includes autographs, merchandise, and unique items. All told, the items included in the prize pack are valued at more than $25.

All righty, now that we've gotten the particulars out of the way, it's time for the first Who Am I set of clues! Think you know who it is? Make your guesses in the comment section here; on the Justin's World Facebook page, or tweet @justfactsmaam on Twitter.

a. I am one of four sisters
b. All four of us played collegiate softball
c. I am the only one to play east of the Rocky Mountains
Who am I?

Correct answer: Nicole Schroeder, Arkansas


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  2. Jennifer Van Dyke?
    Nice contest by the way

  3. well let's see... the key here is clue 'c'. That rules out the Van Dyke sisters as they all played together in one school. The Majam sisters had two east of the Rockies, as did the Gamm sisters.
    I'm guessing now... Alycia Styles?