Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Contest, Day 8

Time for our eighth and final set of Who Am I? clues for our Christmas contest! Remember that you can submit your answer in the comment section below; on the Justin's World Facebook page; or by tweeting @justfactsmaam on Twitter. We're not giving ANY of the answers until the contest is over, so it'll give late comers plenty of time to guess! You have until Friday afternoon to guess on this and any of the other posts and get points; the winner will be selected and announced on December 26th.

Day 8 Clues:
a. I played for the same head coach at two different schools
b. I also coached under that same head coach at yet another school
c. I am a member of both my alma mater's and the state Hall of Fame

Who am I?

Correct answer: Courtney Blades (coach: Lu Harris-Champer; schools: Nicholls State & Southern Miss)

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