Wednesday, January 7, 2015

"6" Degrees of Separation: Danielle Spaulding to Catfish Hunter

We’re breaking one of the cardinal rules of the “6 Degrees of Separation” rule. But since it’s not one of the unpardonable sins, nor a Commandment, I think we’ll be OK.

For the purposes of today’s exercise, we’re actually going one step past 6 degrees and making today’s a special “7 degrees of separation” article, if for no other reason than adding one other person to the fun is only going to make it that much better!

Today, we’re going to connect Redlands head coach & former star player Danielle Spaulding to Hall of Fame MLB pitcher “Catfish” Hunter, and we’re going to do it in SEVEN degrees. Here’s how:

One of Spaulding's assistant coaches at Redlands is Erinn Webb

Webb & Allison Fulmer were teammates on the Tennessee Lady Vols

Fulmer's father is legendary football coach Philip Fulmer

Phil Fulmer coached Todd Helton as a young quarterback at Tennessee

Helton switched to baseball & was teammates w/ Matt Holliday for five years

Holliday was managed by Tony LaRussa on the St. Louis Cardinals

LaRussa was teammates with Catfish Hunter as a member of the Athletics organization

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