Wednesday, February 18, 2015

NPF 2015 Draft Order Announced

The NPF finally released the drafting order for the 2015 National Pro Fastpitch First-Year Player Draft on Tuesday. Though the announcement was said to be held up by negotiations for the television broadcast of the draft, that was not part of yesterday's release.

The 2014 league champion USSSA Pride hold three of the top four draft picks, thanks to trades with Akron and Pennsylvania. League newcomers Dallas Charge hold the most draft picks with ten selections out of thirty-four total. The Pennsylvania Rebellion follow with eight selections for their benefit. The Pride hold six picks, as do the Chicago Bandits. The Akron Racers hold just four, the fewest of any of the teams.

The Rebellion do not have a first round pick, selecting their first draft choice at #6 overall. The Racers do not select a player until the 2nd pick in the 3rd round, #12 overall.

The 2015 draft has nearly doubled the number of selections from previous years; what was formerly a five-round draft with four picks per round now contains six rounds with no fewer than five selections per round. The final round of this year's draft includes eight selections in total, including three "bonus" slots for the Charge at #32, #33, and #34 overall.

The Pride have 19 players currently under contract, the most of any team in the league. The Rebellion are close behind with 17 players locked down. The Charge have been busy, having already signed seven. The Bandits and Racers' rosters currently sit at 12 and 13, respectively, although both teams each have a pair of players under the franchise tag.

The draft will take place at 8:00 pm Central time and will be held in Nashville. A broadcast partner for the draft has not yet been announced, but is said to be "still in the works"; streamed the 2014 draft, but it remains to be seen if they will do so again this time around.

Justin's World will keep you updated on changes in the draft order & other information related to the draft. Justin's "Big Board" of available players and seniors likely to be drafted will be released at the end of this month, and keep an eye out for our mock draft in mid-March.

The full draft order is listed below.

1st Round
1. USSSA Pride (Trade/Rebellion)
2. USSSA Pride (Trade/Racers)
3. Chicago Bandits
4. USSSA Pride
5. Dallas Charge
2nd Round
6. PA Rebellion (Trade/Pride)
7. Chicago Bandits
8. PA Rebellion (Trade/Racers)
9. PA Rebellion
10. Dallas Charge
3rd Round
11. USSSA Pride (Trade/Rebellion)
12. Akron Racers
13. Chicago Bandits
14. PA Rebellion (Trade/Pride)
15. Dallas Charge
4th Round
16. Dallas Charge
17. USSSA Pride
18. Chicago Bandits
19. Akron Racers
20. PA Rebellion
21. Dallas Charge
5th Round
22. PA Rebellion
23. Akron Racers
24. Chicago Bandits
25. PA Rebellion (Trade/Pride)
26. Dallas Charge
6th Round
27. Dallas Charge
28. USSSA Pride
29. Chicago Bandits
30. Akron Racers
31. PA Rebellion
32. Dallas Charge
33. Dallas Charge
34. Dallas Charge

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