Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Michael Lotief Issues Statement on Health

Michael Lotief
(Cred: Ragin Cajuns Softball/Facebook)
After missing last weekend's series against Texas State, Louisiana-Lafayette head coach Michael Lotief issued a statement yesterday on his health and absence from the squad. Until Lotief's return, the Cajuns will be led by associate head coach and former North Texas head coach TJ Hubbard. The Cajuns currently sport a 27-5 record and are ranked #14 in the RPI standings.

Lotief's statement is read, in full, below.

"This has gone on the last five to six months – it has gotten worse with infections. Throughout it all I never missed a day, or a practice. Instead, even worked extra days to help prepare the team and the pitchers.
Lately the health issues have increased, making it hard for me to swallow and even talk.  This condition has limited me to the "bench", but I am still there everyday, hoping and fighting to beat it.
This past week, I took a turn for the worse.  Surgery revealed a very inflamed esophagus that required immediate attention from a specialist.  In the past week I have spent four days in the hospital, making it impossible for me to travel and attend practice.
I know how tough it is on our team, but they are strong and tough. Most importantly they are leaders. 
I appreciate everyone's prayers, love and support, but right now please help these kids get through a tough situation. 
We need our Ragin' Cajun Fans, the best softball fans in the country, to support these kids and help them get through this. 
And to my players, I love you. Keep competing and playing free, stay together and just know all those bombs you hit this weekend made me smile!"

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