Wednesday, April 8, 2015

#MoultonMania Recap

Sara pitching in the Netherlands
A couple of weeks ago, we hosted a Twitter Q&A session with Sara Moulton, the Minnesota Golden Gopher great and current pitcher for the NPF's Chicago Bandits. Sara actually chose to do the Q&A the night before she flew to the Netherlands to play for two months before the start of the NPF season! We've recapped the highlights of the hour-long chat below...

1. She had no doubts about her most memorable moment from her rookie year as an NPF'er.

2. She's apparently not a fan of bangs.

3. She gave pitching advice.

4. She gave props to her toughest NPF opponent.

5. She shared a very important fear about traveling the next day.

6. She named one of the greats as her pitching idol.

7. She shouted out her fave Instagram filter.

8. She chose her ideal championship-game opponent.

9. She grabbed the essence of a popular teammate in just a few words.

10. She chose her ideal super power.

11. She expressed concern for Taylor Swift's physique.

12. And, most importantly, had no doubt about her favorite Sour Patch kid.

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