Monday, May 11, 2015

2015 Justin's World Bracket Challenge

Alllllrighty folks, it is time once-again for the annual Justin's World Bracket Challenge!

How many of you fill out a bracket for March Madness? This works the very same way, with a few tweaks based on the changes in the playoff system between the two sports. Here's what you do; it's actually quite simple.

1. Click here to get a copy of the 2015 bracket (ignore the '2014' in the page title; I've triple-checked it and it is the up-to-date and correct version).

2. Pick your winners all the way through the Women's College World Series; that is, choose the sixteen Regional winners; the eight Super Regional winners; as well as the champion and runner-up in the WCWS.

3. As a tiebreaker, also give me how many runs you believe will be scored in the WCWS championship final (maximum of three games).

4. You can submit your picks in one of three ways. 

  • Print off a bracket and send me a scanned copy w/ your picks
  • Fill in your picks digitally and send me the completed bracket
  • Post a comment here or on the Justin's World FB page with your picks. Please make sure they are written in a clear, easily-interpreted way.
The point system will work the same as last year - every Regional winner you pick correctly will earn you TWO (2) points. Every Super Regional you pick correctly will earn you FIVE (5) points. If you correctly pick the World Series winner and first runner-up, you'll get TEN (10) points for each. The maximum number of possible points is 92.

I will accept all entries until first pitch of North Dakota State vs. Fresno State from Eugene on Thursday afternoon.

We're changing things up a bit in the prize category this year, as well. The winner of the bracket contest will receive a prize package full of goodies, while one randomly-selected runner-up will receive an autograph from an active National Pro Fastpitch player. So, even if you don't win, you can win!

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