Monday, May 25, 2015

Lauren Chamberlain's Sooner Goodbye

All-time NCAA home run leader Lauren Chamberlain's collegiate career came to an end Saturday night in a 5-3 loss to Alabama in a winner-take-all game 3 of the Super Regional in Tuscaloosa.

With the loss came the end of one of the finest collegiate careers in recent memory. Although Chamberlain will continue her career at the professional level, the "goodbye to college", of sorts, that she posted on Twitter has already gone viral with more than 2,300 retweets and 4,600 favorites. We felt it was worth sharing here, as well.

      "Woke up hurting... I don't think I could ever be ready for my college career at OU to be over. One of the best decisions I've ever made was to accept a scholarship to the University of Oklahoma. The past four years I have grown in every aspect: physically, emotionally, spiritually. This beautiful sport has given me unbreakable friendships that helped mold me into who I am today. I was blessed with the opportunity to play under the best coaching staff in the world and alongside some of the most selfless, beautiful and talented players in the game. I came onto this team as a girl, and I am leaving this team as a woman, hoping that I gave sooner nation a taste of how much I truly love softball. I will continue my softball career on the USSSA Pride as a professional athlete, and I look forward to a new chapter in my life.

Young players- work hard and play the game the right way. Softball is more than masks, props, video bombs and dancing. It is about passion, confidence, hustle, heart, and showing the world what female athletes can do. Respect the game and it will return the favor, that I can promise you!

I am forever in debt to this sport because of all it has given me, and I thank the Good Lord that He made me a Sooner!"

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