Monday, August 10, 2015

John Rittman Resigns From Florida Coaching Staff

Newly-minted Florida assistant coach John Rittman has reconsidered and will not join the Gators program.

Rittman was announced less than a month ago as the third & final member of the Gators' coaching staff; he replaced Kenny Gajewski, who left to become the head coach at Oklahoma State.

Though the announcement of Rittman's swift departure notes the move as an amicable one, it really asks more questions than it answers.

A recent addition of Rittman to the Team USA coaching staff is cited, but is not a full-time, year-round position as evidenced by the remainder of the staff being made up of active college coaches. He left an assistant coach position at Kansas to head to the Swamp, leaving him now suddenly lacking any kind of gainful employment. And though he has proved himself worthy & more than capable as a head coach, there are no high-profile positions, nor any even relatively so, available this close to the fall semester's commencement.

Time may answer some or all of these queries, but the most intriguing and immediately-imperative one has yet to be asked; namely who will assume the again-vacant position on the staff of the back-to-back defending champions?

Waves caused by the Coaching Carousel of 2015 may not yet be done rippling. We will continue to monitor all aspects of this story.

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  1. Rittman was ridiculously successful at Stanford. Why did he leave Kansas after a year and Florida after two weeks?