Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Where Are They Now: Morgan Peeler

Who is she? Morgan Peeler, a former starting pitcher for the North Carolina State Wolfpack.

Morgan, right, with former NC State teammates
Emily Weiman (left) and Chelsea Tate (center).
What is she known for? Peeler was a four-year member of the Pack softball team. She led the squad in pitchers' assists in her junior year, though her finest season came in her senior year. Proof that a record doesn't tell the whole story, she logged an 8-12 mark with a 2.94 ERA in a career-high 147+ innings.

Here's something interesting... Morgan calls herself a “huge foodie”, putting her skills to the test in both the cooking and baking departments, as well as frequenting farmer’s markets for fresh ingredients and trying out new restaurants.

Quotable quote: "Aside from actually playing, it was an amazing experience to make such incredible, lifelong friends with my teammates. Many of us keep in touch on a regular basis and I wouldn’t trade those 4 years for anything!"

What's she up to now? Now a resident of Wilmington, North Carolina, Morgan remains an athlete as part of a co-ed beach volleyball team with her boyfriend. Still a rabid supporter of Pack softball, she cheers for her fellow alumni in the professional league and in the coaching ranks. A professional herself, albeit in another field, Morgan works as a recruiter with a government contracting company in the Washington DC area. Part of her job includes hiring the people that do everything from bringing records into the modern technological age, as well as reaching certain mandatory goals and other IT-based duties. 

Contact information: Though Morgan has a Facebook page, she names Twitter and Instagram as her preferred social media sites. You can find her pages on each by clicking on the site's name.

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