Thursday, September 24, 2015

2020 Olympic Decision Expected on September 28th

The sport of softball's next hurdle attempt in the quest to get back into the Olympic Games will be passed or stymied on September 28th, the day Tokyo Olympic organizers will announce the sports they are proposing to add to the 2020 Games, to be hosted in their city.

Though the final and ultimate decision rests with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), who may choose not to follow any of the recommendations and leave the slate of sports exactly as it stands now, the Tokyo organizers' backing of softball would be a large hurdle in the years-long quest to again-reach what is widely considered the highest once-attainable level of the sport.

Tokyo organizers are choosing from the following "finalist" sports: Baseball and softball (joint bid); bowling; karate; roller sports; sport climbing; squash; surfing; and wushu.

According to a report, baseball and softball's joint bid is thought to be the favorite to rejoin the Games in Tokyo if any sports are added.

2020 is also the best chance due to the Japanese excellent performances in both sports in previous Olympic games prior to the sports' removal after 2008. This has been considered a major favorable factor in the push to return softball to the Olympics in Tokyo.

Baseball and softball were part of the Olympics from 1996-2008, a time period during which the United States took home a trio of gold medals as well as a silver in 2008.

Other sports that failed to make the finalist list include: Air sports; bowls; bridge; chess; dance sport; floorball; flying disc; football; korfball; netball; orienteering; polo; racquetball; sumo; tug of war; underwater sports; and waterski and wakeboard.

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