Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Recapping the #AskCass Twitter Chat

Last night, February 24, Justin's World of Softball hosted a Twitter chat with former Texas A&M Aggie and Akron Racers star Cassie Tysarczyk. If you weren't able to be part of the chat or follow along live, here's a recap for you.

1. She told her to pronounce her name.

2. She played a lot of sports.

3. She gave a shout-out to some mentors.

4. She's not superstitious.

5. She has some potentially-dangerous guilty pleasures.

6. She likes her some defense.

7. She knows where she wants to go.

8. She gave a shout-out to some people she's pretty glad are on her team now.

9. She explained the Aggie Fight Song.

10. She talked about being a role model.

11. She made a difficult decision not-so-difficult.

12. She said hey to Mama and talked to parents.

13. She talked about goals.

14. A pretty big name stopped by.

15. And, finally, she talked about what non-softball Cassie would be doing.

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