Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Did You Know: Jenn Salling

(c) Oregon Athletics
Jenn Salling is well-known by fans at every level of the game - a collegiate standout at Washington during the program's highest heights; a longtime professional player, primarily for the USSSA Pride; and a star member of Team Canada - she is a former NPF first-round draft pick, Olympian, and twice an all-American.

Salling ended her collegiate career with a .342/.543/.474 stat line, the latter two numbers good enough for top-ten spots in the Huskies record books.

Did you know that Salling spent her freshman year of college as a member of the Oregon Ducks? 

Though her single season in yellow and green is oft forgotten, it was hardly forgettable... she was a top-ten finalist for National Player of the Year, a first-team all-American, and finished second nationally in the batting title race.

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