Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Where Are They Now: Mariah Gearhart

Who is she? Mariah Gearhart, a former all-conference and all-region third baseman and NCAA record holder for the Oklahoma State Cowgirls.

What is she known for? Gearhart was three times named an all-conference selection and earned all-region honors in each of the last three years of her career. She held the NCAA all-time career record for hit-by-pitches, a record that stood for years until it was broken earlier this season. 

Here's something interesting... Continuing her athletic career post-softball, Mariah has become an all-star National CoEd Flag Football star. A 3-time United States Flag & Touch Football League national champion (twice on a CoEd team and once as part of an all-women’s team), in just four years of playing, Mariah’s achievements have made her eligible for the association’s Hall of Fame. The only remaining qualification for admittance into the Hall has to do with longevity, so she says “I will be playing flag football for at least another six years!”.

Quotable quote: "Never be satisfied. This generation is starting to lose the true meaning of hard work and dedication with the opportunities that have been created. Young players have so many different outlets now to play and gain experience and the appreciation for it all gets lost. The numbers haven’t changed though; there are still only a certain amount of players that can make a Division 1 roster, only a certain number of girls that get to play college ball, and even less that are able to do it for 4 years and graduate. Your hard work and dedication to your skill starts when you decide to commit to this sport and that commitment doesn’t end until that diploma is in your hand."

What's she up to now? Since her graduation in 2011, 
Mariah has worked in the production department for ESPN and their variety of networks… whether it’s preparing graphics or something else related to an event’s broadcast, chances are you have seen Mariah’s work on-screen! She was promoted to the position of Associate Producer late last year and moved to Orlando from Charlotte, her former headquarters.
 Keep up: You can find Mariah on Twitter @riahGhart

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