Friday, June 3, 2016

Sights and Sounds, Day 1

Sights and sounds from Oklahoma City and Day 1 of the 2016 Women's College World Series...

Clint Myers hasn't just revitalised a fan base; he has created one. 
Auburn softball had some very faithful fans during the Tina Deese years. Fans that stuck by the Tigers and rooted them on even when postseason appearances ended early in the Regional round or didn't happen at all. But since Clint Myers' arrival prior to the 2014 season, new fans have come in droves and they have stayed. Some will call them fair weather, but any team that has the immediate success like Myers has brought to the Tigers is sure to see the stands fill exponentially. The Tiger fan base travels, too - whether it be to the SEC Tournament, the World Series, or even just an away series during regular-season play, if the Tigers are playing, you can be sure that their cheering section will be loud and large.

Juuuust a bit inside
In the first inning of their opening matchup vs. Auburn, UCLA pitchers Selina Ta'Amilo and Paige McDuffee combined to hit four Tiger batters. Ta'Amilo's pair of HBPs were crucial to her small 1/3 inning of work as she only gave up one hit, but four runs. Surprisingly enough, ball magnet Emily Carosone (she of eighty-four career HBPs) escaped the game without a new bruise of her own.

Florida State ties a record of the wrong kind
Head coach Lonni Alameda said her team got caught up in the emotion of the game and stage, but whatever the cause, the Noles seemingly had a case of butterfingers when they faced off against Georgia to open the World Series. Seven errors were registered by the Noles' defense in the game, tying a WCWS all-time single-game record.

Wouldn't be a World Series without some rain
As the evening session kicked off with Alabama vs. Oklahoma, dark clouds that had threatened but held off through the morning session began to roll once again and you could just feel something coming. And what you couldn't feel, the many shades of green on the radar told you about. The rain started in the middle of the second inning and only briefly stopped until about 9pm local time when word began to trickle down that the games were postponed. The sell out crowd hung in for quite some time as shades of the 2012 championship series between the same two teams came to mind.

Schedule changes
The games originally scheduled for Thursday night's Session 2 will be played tonight at the same times, 6 and 8:30 local time. The bracket shifts with the semi-final "If Necessary" games originally scheduled for Sunday evening shifting to Monday if they need to be played. In that instance, the first game of the championship series would be played Tuesday, with the If Necessary game of the championship moving to Thursday night. Find the full revised bracket here.

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