Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Where Are They Now: Melanie Mitchell

Who is she? Melanie Mitchell, a former ace pitcher for the Virginia Cavaliers.

What is she known for? During her career at UVA, Mitchell three times earned all-region honors and twice was named to the all-conference team. She graduated in 2013 with her name atop seven records in the Cavalier record books, including as the career leader in wins, strikeouts, and innings pitched.

(c) Matt Riley of UVA Athletics Media Relations
Here's something interesting... From Melanie: “I pitch right-handed, but I play every other sport left-handed (volleyball, tennis, basketball, etc.). As a pitcher, I should have taken advantage of this and thrown left-handed, but the first glove I owned was right-handed and I didn’t know any better. One summer in high school I attempted to teach myself to pitch left-handed, but it didn’t quite work the way I had hoped.”

Quotable quote: “Playing softball, I learned the value of being able to handle high-pressure situations and make decisions quickly. Whether at work or in everyday life, there are often tough choices that need to be made against tight deadlines. As a pitcher, I loved the pressure of a close game situation and cat-and-mouse nature of pitch selection and execution against a hitter. I now feel prepared to take on any challenge, knowing I have already faced some very difficult situations through softball and as a student-athlete in general.”

What's she up to now? After graduating with an engineering degree, Melanie has worked as a systems engineer at Virginia Diodes, a small high-tech electronics company in Charlottesville. As of last season, she also is part of the Cavaliers’ softball radio broadcasts, doing both color commentary and play-by-play, and coaches an 8U Little League softball team.

Keep up: You can find Melanie on Twitter @_Melbaa

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