Tuesday, July 5, 2016

World Cup of Softball XI

The World Cup of Softball XI kicks off today in Oklahoma City, pitting thirteen international squads against one another to find out who is the best of the best in the world.

Pool A includes Australia; China; the Netherlands; Philippines; Puerto Rico; Venezuela; and the United States.

Pool B includes Japan; Canada; Mexico; New Zealand; the Czech Republic; and the US Elite Team.

Five of the participating teams come from North America; three from Asia; two from Europe; one from South America; as well as New Zealand and Australia.

The United States fields two teams in the tournament, the US National Team as well as the US "Elite" Team. The US Elite team is a squad 'created for the purpose of allowing more players the opportunity to wear the red, white, and blue in international competition.'

Competition in the tournament will run through Sunday, the 10th. Pool play will continue until the 9th, though there will be inter-pool play on the final day of competition.

The ASA Hall of Fame Complex serves as the host for the tournament and ASA/USA Softball will offer live streaming of all games in the tournament via Youtube. For the full schedule of matchups, as well as links to the live stream(s), click here and scroll down the page.

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  1. The medal games turned out to be good games, but the pool play wasn't great. Japan and USA seem to be a head of everyone else in the sport.