Monday, May 15, 2017

Announcing the 2017 JWOS Bracket Challenge

The postseason is here, and once again, JWOS is sponsoring our annual Bracket Challenge. This is by far our most popular contest every year, and we enjoy sponsoring it as much as you do participating.

This year, the contest winner will receive a prize package worth more than $50. Door prizes will be distributed at random to a couple of non-winning challenge participants.

The rules, as usual, are simple:

  • You must pick your bracket "all the way" from the regional round to the WCWS championship series. If done correctly, your bracket should contain your picks for sixteen regional winners, eight Supers regional winners, a WCWS winner, and a WCWS runner-up.
  • Once your bracket is submitted, it's submitted. No changes may be made at that point, so make sure you are confident in your picks before sending in your bracket.
  • All brackets must be submitted by the start of the first game of the tournament on Thursday, May 18 @ 6:00 pm Eastern time.
  • Your submission is not required to be in actual bracket form; as in previous years, you may submit your picks in another, clearly-noted format via email or social media. (i.e. 'Regionals: Florida, Alabama, etc')
  • Incomplete brackets will not be accepted and are subject to disregarding without notice to the competitor.
  • Justin's World of Softball reserves the right to disqualify or eliminate any competitor in the Bracket Challenge at any time, for any reason at our discretion.
  • 2 points will be awarded for every correctly-picked Regional winner. 5 points will be awarded for every correctly-picked Super Regional winner. 10 points will be awarded for a correctly-picked WCWS first runner-up. 15 points will be awarded for a correctly-picked WCWS winner. The individual with the most points at the end of the Women's College World Series will be crowned the Bracket Challenge champion.
  • All entrants in the bracket challenge will be entered into a drawing for door prizes that will take place after the championship series.
  • The full bracket can be found here; completed submissions for the Bracket Challenge will be accepted via the Justin's World Facebook page or via Twitter.

Best of luck to all!

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